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  • The ensemble was founded in 2001 by Prof. René T.A. Lysloff.
  • It is an accredited course in the Department of Music.
  • It has consistently attracted a large number of students.
  • Our instructor, Tagumpay de Leon, is a noted master musician and teacher.
Tagumpay De Leon

Known affectionately and respectfully as “Uncle Pi,” our teacher is an engineer by day and a musician 24-7! He is widely known in the Southern California traditional arts community as a master musician. He has held numerous grants and awards related to his work as a Filipino culture bearer.

  • Many of the students in the ensemble are Filipino/a or Filipino/a American.
  • Some have previous musical training, but many don’t.

Students in the UCR Rondalla Ensemble are involved in other campus activities such as:

  • Katipunan (a Filipino American student club)
  • The Philippine dance class offered through the Department of Dance
  • Asian Pacific Student Programs
  • The Department of Ethnic Studies
Philippine Culture Night
  • Also called the “PCN,” the Philippine Culture Night is an annual highpoint.
  • The UCR Rondalla Ensemble was featured in the PCN 2002…
  • … and will hopefully participate for many years to come!

For more information, please contact:

Tangumpay “Pi” De Leon
Email: pideleon@icloud.com