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The musicology program at UCR features a major focus on the musical heritage of Iberia and Latin America; in fact, UCR offers one of the leading musicology programs in this area in the world. The Center for Iberian and Latin American Music is located in the department and sponsors yearlyEncuentros/Encounters, conferences and concerts exploring a particular aspect of the Hispanic musical heritage. Previous Encounters have dealt with topics as diverse as the impact of Goya on Spanish musical nationalism around 1900, and music and politics in the Andes. In 2007, the focus will be on the transnational impact of Mexican sones. The Center also publishes an online journal, Diagonal.

However, the faculty’s interests extend to a wide range of subjects, including British music, especially Elgar and Vaughan Williams, critical musicology, and early music. Of special interest to our scholars is the intersection of music, politics, and culture in the formation of national identity in the twentieth century. Musicology students benefit from working with leading scholars in several areas of research, in both their own field and in ethnomusicology. They are encouraged to maintain and develop their skills as performers through participation in the department’s many ensembles, both Western and non-Western.

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