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Music and Culture Major


The Music and Culture major offers a predominantly scholarly and critical approach to music as culture from the perspective of research, criticism, and interpretation, with an emphasis on historical and ethnographic approaches. It is oriented primarily toward understanding music as a culturally expressive form. Courses in music and/or dance performance are required but are positioned more broadly within the major as a means to explore interrelationships between music and other forms of performance.

For more information, please refer to the sections Performance, Undergraduate Advising, and Voice and Instrument Lessons


The following information was extracted from the UCR 2021-22 Catalogue. Students should always refer to the most recent catalog at https://catalog.ucr.edu.

The major requirements for the B.A. degree in Music and Culture are as follows:

  1. Students participate in a major ensemble each quarter. Students may enroll in DNCE067A through DNCE 075B instead of, or in addition to, any of the music ensemble courses (6-12 units).
  2. Lower-division requirements (16 units)
    1. MUS 012
    2. MUS 006
    3. MUS 008
    4. MUS 014
  3. Upper-division requirements (36 units)
    1. Music courses (24 units)
      1. Western Music History (4 units): MUS 112A, MUS 112B, MUS 112C, MUS 114, MUS 116, MUS 117, MUS 136, MUS 155, MUS 191 (E-Z)
      2. Ethnomusicology (20 units): MUS 113, MUS 117, MUS 118, MUS 119, MUS 120, MUS 122, MUS 123, MUS 124/AST 124, MUS 125, MUS 126/ ANTH 177/ GSST 126, MUS 127/ ANTH 176/AST 127/DNCE 127/ETST 172, MUS 140/ HISA 139, MUS 146, MUS 184
    2. Other upper-division courses (12 units)
      1. Dance History (4–8 units): ANTH 130, DNCE 171 (E-Z), DNCE 172 (E-Z), DNCE 173 (E-Z)
      2. Anthropology or Sociology (4–8 units)
      3. English or Media and Cultural Studies (4–8 units)
      4. Other courses in the Social Sciences, Humanities, or Arts could count towards these units if the student's petitions and an advisor’s permission is granted.