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Minor in Music


The minor in Music is designed for students who wish to continue their musical studies while pursuing another major. Within the required 24 upper-division units, the minor provides basic skills in music theory and first-level studies in music history and literature while still offering modest flexibility to pursue individual interests.

For more information, please refer to the sections Performance, Undergraduate Advising, and Voice and Instrument Lessons


The following information was extracted from the UCR 2021-22 Catalogue. Students should always refer to the most recent catalog at https://catalog.ucr.edu

  1. Lower-division preparation  (12-20 units)
    1. MUS 001, MUS010 or equivalent
    2. MUS 030A, MUS 030B, MUS 030C
  2. Upper-division requirements (24 units)
    1. Eight (8) units from MUS 112A, MUS 112B, MUS 112C
    2. Twelve (12) units selected from: MUS 113, MUS 114, MUS 115, MUS 116, MUS 117, MUS 118, MUS 119, MUS 120, MUS 121, MUS 122, MUS 123, MUS 124, MUS 125, MUS 126, MUS 127, MUS 128, MUS 130A, MUS 130B, MUS 133, MUS 134, MUS 135, MUS 136, MUS 137, MUS 138, MUS 139, MUS 140, MUS 144, MUS 145A, MUS 145B, MUS 146, MUS 147, MUS 150A, MUS 150B, MUS 150C, MUS 150D, MUS 151, MUS 152, MUS 153, MUS 154 (E-Z), MUS 155 (E-Z), MUS 180 (E-Z), MUS 181 (E-Z) (no more than 4 units), MUS 184, MUS 185, MUS 191 (E-Z)
    3. Four (4) additional units in ensemble performance: MUS 160, MUS 161, MUS 162, MUS 163, MUS 164, MUS 165, MUS 166, MUS 168, MUS 169, MUS 170, MUS 171, MUS 172, MUS 174, MUS 175A, MUS 175B, MUS 176, MUS 177, MUS 178, MUS 179, MUS 182, MUS 183

As a freshman or sophomore, the student should complete MUS 030A, MUS 030B, MUS 030C (Harmony). This is a prerequisite for all later studies in the minor. Harmony has a prerequisite of MUS 001 (Introduction to Basic Musical Concepts) and MUS 010 or the equivalent.

Two required courses from MUS 112A, MUS 112B, MUS 112C should be completed following MUS 030A, MUS 030B, MUS 030C and not later than the junior year.

See Minors under the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences in the Colleges and Programs section of the catalog at https://catalog.ucr.edu for additional information on minors.