Collegium Musicum/Early Music Ensemble

CollegiumThe UCR Collegium Musicum (MUS 161) focuses on the historically-informed performance of early music of Europe and its former colonies, also emphasizing connections with early musical cultures from Africa, Asia, and the Americas. When signing up for MUS 161, students who already play an instrument will have the opportunity to perform on historical instruments that are analogous to the one they play (i.e., from guitar to lute, piano to harpsichord, cello to viola da gamba, and so on), or try a completely new instrument. The UCR Music Department owns a large number of early instruments available for student use in the ensemble. Collegium helps broaden and develop musical skills, as students perform in multiple parts and learn the basics of ornamentation, variation, and extemporization. Singers and instrumentalists familiarize themselves with historical approaches and techniques as they explore an universe of music preserved in early types of notation. MUS 161 is generally offered in the Spring, sometimes following MUS 261 in the Winter. Graduate students may get graduate credit by concurrently enrolling in MUS 290.

Students interested in joining the ensemble should contact Rogerio Budasz